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David's Harp: Concert and CD recording 2024

Can music contribute to conflict resolution? Ever since mankind has waged wars, we have repeatedly dealt with the question of how peace can be established and maintained. One biblical figure relied on music: The young David soothes the despotic Saul with his harp playing. His figure in turn serves as a role model for Joash, who is chosen as a child to be the future king. Joash's father Joad must fear for his child, who is threatened by jealous powers, but realises that inner strength and trust pave the way.

The two dramatic stories were set to music by G.F. Handel in the oratorios "Saul" and "Athalia" and reworked by him several times depending on the cast and performance venue. The ZBO takes this principle as its model: together with the countertenor Terry Wey, it explores all facets of the complex fears, aggressions and hopes portrayed in the two characters David and Joad in a through-composed programme. Individual movements from the Concerti grossi Opus 6, composed in the same years, as well as orchestral pieces from the two oratorios combine the arias to create a new "Dramma in Musica".

Translated with DeepL.com (free version)